Barbara Leuner Corpina

Aarau, Switzerland
Phone: +41 62 822 86 80
Skype: blu_swiss
WhatsApp: +41 78 600 91 41

My experiences of Collective Flow/ Team Flow was somehow many tiny little situations and otherwise, not a real big one.. So, I am not really sure, if I ever REALLY felt or experienced or witnessed collective or team flow.. Maybe I am too critical. Maybe more of a learning situation during a seminar with peer colleagues, when all of a sudden, time was no more issue, things got really deep and personal also emotional and a deeper understanding, out of a conflict situation, was arising for all sides and parts. Finally the whole group was very touched of the unexpected outcome, the deep understanding and valuing one another without judgment. Me and also all the peers were months later still touched about what happened. These days, we are still a learning group, working together, things go faster deep, discussions are more open and the outcome has more impact. I always feel that we as a group and the individuals are growing all the time. This makes me hopeful and believe, that groups have so much potential to grow together in good ways.

My passionate work... 

As being a long term organizational development consultant and recently also working as a therapist, I put myself into the service of human beings (individuals, teams and organizations), who are in struggle with multi-layered topics, personal issues and being in difficult situations and conflicts as well as in major transformation phases of their life or their institutions/organizations.

I work with and for For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations and with individuals, private persons. For me it is important to support people to re-discover their resources, their dreams and their life-myth to follow their paths and processes to have a life as good as possible.

I am passionate to come as much as possible to the deepest self of their own, supporting them on their path and working solution-focused and resources-oriented.

Like this, my dream is to make little and small steps with the people, in order to contribute something bigger to the world in its whole and as such experiencing on-going self-development in order to be a facilitator of my clients as well as of myself.

What attracted me to joining the Flowing Tree Research Team, as having worked in different organizations and among this having perceived and experienced a lot of suffering, I believe and had been attracted to this project in order to have an impact, small or bigger, to the best of all of us.

The methods and tools that I most frequently use are: Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Hosting, Certified GRUNDKRAFT Facilitator, Dynamic Facilitation, Non-violent Communication, Process Work, Systemic Coaching/ Consulting, Medication, and Conflict Counseling. 

Education: B.A. in Business Administration, Master Degree in Organizational Development & Change Management, Systemic Consultancy Education, Conflict Resolution/Mediation, NLP, Process Work and Worldwork.