What is it about ?

Team flow can happen in a group of people performing different interdependent tasks toward a common objective. This collective optimal state feels as a magical breakthrough in the ways to cooperate, with the following qualities:

  • As team members are fully present and focused on the collective objective, ego separation is replaced by a synchronized operational harmony, as if belonging to a one body. 

  • The sense of time collapses as the attention is absorbed in the collective process itself, with a capacity to face the unknown and let come the new

  • A kind of effortless easy confidence emerges in completing action, with a fluid capacity to shift roles according to needs. 

  • This elegant way to dance organically together produces a very high level of efficiency and full creativity: the resulting collective intuition generally find a fresh solution to the team issue which also addresses the needs of the whole ecosystem.

Why should we look for it?

If we dream of a future where this high potential of Team Flow would regularly nurture the life of organizations, we likely    sense the huge difference it would make, by bringing more collective wisdom in social activity at all levels: work, culture,      health, education, community life, world institutions,...

Actually, “riding the flow together” is an irreversible experience, a quantum leap which shifts the team’ self-perception, and considerably accelerates its transformation toward a highly cooperative and performing mindset. It reveals a deep powerful collective capacity, which is always available, and probably is the “true nature” of any human group.

The more it occurs the more the team can find access to this space of highest potential. And the managers naturally evolve toward a wiser posture when they realize the huge and precious self-organized creativity which lies in their team.

Our intention

After a deep research in laboratory style on the conditions that may invite Team Flow, we have developed a training model, specially designed to help work team open to the infinite possibilities of this “optimal state of cooperation”.


he objectives of this training process are to:

  • Develop in the team the prerequisite qualities that will increase the chance of flow to happen

  • Expose the team to its first peak moments of Team Flow, as a threshold transformative experience

  • Transfer to the team a model of working together on key issues, that will give regular access to collective intelligence and to the powerful efficacy of Team Flow 

It is designed for people that yearn to bring more of this magic of togetherness in their teams, artwork, social associations, organizations and communities.

The proposed journey

DAY 1: Preparing for collective flow

You can substantially increase your chances for that “magic in the middle” to happen by being highly intentional in setting up the preconditions. We will take your team through a transformative journey to find and develop those conditions:

  • Qualities of your common space of work: presence, creative agreements, deep listening, equivalence, posture of fluid leadership hosting self-organization

  • Emergence of the collective call residing in each member: awareness of the team growth process, synergy between personal and collective ambitions.

  • Move toward mutual commitment: allowing authentic self to come forward, opening of heart and intuition, connection to one body mindset

DAY 2: Experience of team flow through playful embodiment work

This day will be like a quantum leap in the learning process, a “time out of time situation” to invite the experience of flow in the team. Through playing, presence, body work and just life collective activity (cooking) we will bring your team through its highest potential of presence, individual sensing, letting go and letting come, co-creativity. This experience will remain printed in the social body of your team.

DAY 3: Deepening the pre-requisite conditions for collective flow

We will continue to cultivate this preparation, by taking your team in a second turn of setting the foundation to invite this optimal state:

  • Qualities of the team frame as a fertile ground for flow: agile meetings, transparent communication, back-up of limitless individual potential

  • Practice of tension resolution as shift toward group wisdom: connection to the whole, free will, collective intuition

  • Process of mutual commitment as a team explicit culture: focus on what is actually going on, availability to step in the unknown with a collective true move

Day 4: Reconnection and ready to take off

The second residential workshop will begin  with a grounding practice using again body work to reconnect with self, others, team, collective field and natural surroundings. 

Then we will do a review where the  team is in practicing the prerequisite conditions for flow, at ell levels of mind, heart, body and free will.  This will allow to work together on any remaining blockages or shadows that might come in the way of the next d’ays’ experience

Day 5: First experience of opening to Collective Flow on a team issue

Based on preparation we will now experience with the team a model of working on a work priority which invites the chance for  the optimal state of team flow to happen, using highly creative practices along the following steps:

  • Connection with self, group, field, nature, to provide space around the issue

  • Deep dive in the issue with the power of dreaming, playing with archetypes and metaphors, using creative disruption, weaving individual and collective intuition,, and staying with until letting go in the roots of the question

  • Letting come a spontaneous flowing combination emerging from the field

  • Harvesting the insights from emerging flow moment to enlighten the team ways, decisions and commitments 

Day 6: Ownership of the model for opening to Collective Flow on a team issue

In this second experience of inviting flow on a different issue, we will repeat the process while using simple practices and tools which can be owned by the team, as a new way of working together with their highest potential of creativity and efficiency

Our methodology

Our facilitators have a great experience of practicing the “art” of inviting collective flow. Following the group process, swimming in it too, they draw creatively on different disciplines as:

  • Process work

  • Theory U

  • Embodiment practices (Social Presencing Theater, Leadership Embodiment, Tandava,)

  • Systemic constellations

  • Dialogue circle

  • Sociocracy


The proposed organization


First residential workshop covering day 1-3. The team then takes the learning and implements it as daily way of working for 6-8 weeks. We will have two virtual calls with the team to listen how things are going, together find refinements to the process and answer any open questions. 


After the second residential workshop we have 2 virtual check-ins with the team to answer questions, together refine the team process and provide back-up. The team evaluates progress on team ambitions, experiences of Team Flow and how Team Flow is contributing to the team’s way of being. 

The facilitators: