Jennet Burghard

Houten, The Netherlands
Phone: +31622077726
Skype: jennetburghard
WhatsApp: +31622077726

A time I experienced Collective Flow/ Team Flow was...

European gathering of Speaking Circles Facilitators in Toulouse some years ago. Creating this field together by being in Relational Presence for 3 days. The effect during the event was deep listening, being in the here- and-now, enjoying each others company, feeling balanced, zen, at peace. The feeling stayed with me for weeks and weeks, slowly fading away.

My passionate people mastering Relational Presence (leaders, consultants, managers, trainers, coaches, teachers)

What attracted me to joining the Flowing Tree Research Team:  Pierre and Laura, the subject of collective flow, deepening our experience and understanding by sharing and learning together  (practice what you preach)

The methods and tools that I most frequently use are: Speaking Circles