A time I experienced Collective Flow/ Team Flow was...

The amazing event of Burning Man provides a container of radical inclusion, gift economy, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, high value for creative cooperation and collaboration, immediate experience, recognition of inner selves, and contact with a natural environment exceeding human powers. In that context, hundreds of spontaneous initiatives blossom in collective flow, contributing together to build this temporary city in the desert.


I was part of a newly formed small team who battled against extreme conditions to create in an afternoon a spiral lite gallery exhibiting 200 portraits of people captured on the streets of New

York City during 911. Together, all members switched roles of hammering, staking, hanging, ferrying supplies and ensuring everyone was drinking water. There was an incredible unified

intelligence in the team, wanting so much for hundreds of viewers reflecting on the silent raw emotions of spiritual divide to be held in the open desert and unified under an ocean blue sky.

Laura Cronk

Wilmington Delaware, USA
Skype: Laura_A_Cronk
WhatsApp: +1-302-753-3388

My passionate work...working with individuals  to improve the quality of their lives through presence, listening with curiosity and a willingness to let go and come to the edge of the unknown. . 

What attracted me to joining the Flowing Tree Research Team: experimenting and researching with an  creative, curious and creative team. I have been exploring Collective Flow (Team Flow) for the last five years via observation and literature research. 

The methods and tools that I most frequently use are: Art of Hosting, Circle Work, Dialogue, Focusing, Leadership Embodiment, Organizational Constellations, Speaking Circles, Social Presencing Theater, Leadership Embodiment, Organization Constellations, and Group Process