Maria Sturm 

Middelburg, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 22614208
Skype: salineadvies
WhatsApp: Maria Sturm

A time I experienced Collective Flow/ Team Flow was...

Two weeks ago I worked with a leadership team; the second day we first explored some topics in the team about what would be on their agenda for the coming months and then we explored an issue that showed up in the team about Executive Power. We asked them to stand on a line from 0 – 100% and take a position which reflected the way they were experiencing themselves in their ability to execute their agenda. Taking a position and the conversation from their position moved the group into a deep exploration where they perceived themselves and each other in their leadership and execution power and how they could operate as one team supporting each other. The conversation slowed down, the tension in the air was eased; there was an intense moment of listening; sharing feelings and moving into a collective act of support. It was a generative flow because they came out in a different way than where they started. Afterwards all conversations went in a different way than the day before. Better listening, more creativity, more coherence. More WE.

My passionate work...

I work with organizations and teams in transformation. I coach and support teams and organizations in developing capacities needed in the 21th century. I work both in private and public organizations. I’m an experienced constellation facilitator and work with Social Presencing Theatre. I also work for the VU university in Amsterdam; I teach change management for Post-graduate students.

What attracted me to joining the Flowing Tree Research Team...

I’m attracted to the Flow research team because I have a life-long fascination for collective learning. We know a lot about adult development and learning on an individual level but what really happens in a group or team or collective is mostly unknown.

The methods and tools that I most frequently use are: Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Hosting (World Café, Open Space), Dialogue, Leadership Embodiment, Organizational Constellations, Social Presencing Theater, Systemic Coaching, Theory U, Holacracy, Deep Democracy

Education: Masters in Cognitive Psychology; Learning in Organizations (Utrecht University)