Robert Bingham

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Phone: 1-(585) 208-4614
Skype: robertkbingham

A time I experienced Collective Flow/ Team Flow was...

In the session I referred to elsewhere in this profile, there was an activity in which the five participants entered the collective space and stood facing various directions. Pierre invited us to experience how the organization of our bodies in space resonated in our individual bodies. I felt the presence of the group very strongly. It was not necessarily harmonious given the way we had organized ourselves, but the flow of collective energy was palpable, like an invisible river with smoother and rougher sections. It felt honest, and this is something that I have always strived for in my dancing and want to invite more into other areas of my life.

My passionate work...


I am a dance artist, writer and university professor with a background in contemporary modern dance and improvisation. I am passionately interested in extending knowledge I have gained in dance – particularly somatic practices and improvisation – into other areas of embodied practice, including other art forms, academic research, and environmental justice activism.

What attracted me to joining the Flowing Tree Research Team, in summer 2017, I participated in a small group session led by Pierre, which introduced me to areas of embodied research that felt familiar to me as a dancer and yet were also fresh and new to me. I realized that the work was exactly what I was looking for: connection to people working with the intelligence of the body whose disciplines and areas of inquiry are not exactly like mine. I see an opportunity to practice beginner’s mind and dream up new possibilities.

The methods and tools that I most frequently use are: Art, Authentic Movement, Dance, Dialogue, Improvisation, and Somatic Movement and Community Gardening. 

Education: MFA (dance), PhD (dance)